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My Healthy Health Plan is a web-based program with tools to help you meet your health and wellness goals. It includes a health assessment that you can complete to get an overall picture of your health. It also features an online library with articles, quizzes, how-to guides and recipes.

Logging into My Healthy Health Plan


Your username is your 13-digit Fallon Health member ID. You can find this number on the front of your Fallon Health ID card.


The first time you log into the new My Healthy Health Plan website, use "Welcome1" as the password. The website will then ask you to create a new password. You'll use the password you create for all subsequent visits to the My Healthy Health Plan website.

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More about the health assessment

The Health Assessment is a health and lifestyle questionnaire that you can complete to get an overall picture of your current health.

Once you finish the assessment, you'll get an individualized report with your overall score, areas in which you’re doing well and areas in which you need improvement. If you're already in great health, terrific! If you could use a little help to get healthier, you'll have access to health coaching and an online wellness library that includes articles, quizzes, self-assessments, how-to guides and healthy recipes.

More about health coaching

The health assessment will ask you if you're interested in health coaching. If you choose yes, you'll get access to personalized health coaching provided by health care professionals.

Healthy Health Plan Satisfaction Survey

If you join now, or have already been a participant, we'd like to get your feedback to help us evaluate and improve our program. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey

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