Oh Baby!

A health and wellness program for birth, baby and beyond

Oh Baby! is a health and wellness program available at no additional cost to eligible members who are either expecting or adopting a child. Eligible participants will receive items like prenatal vitamins, a convertible toddler car seat, an electric breast pump, a home safety kit, a temporal thermometer, discounts on childbirth classes and birth announcements, plus a few little extras—all at no additional cost!

What you get as an Oh Baby! participant*

A convertible toddler car seat

An electric breast pump

A home safety kit

Prenatal vitamins
Participants get three 90-day supplies of prenatal vitamins, all at no cost. When you enroll in Oh Baby!, you'll receive a welcome kit which includes an overview of the prenatal vitamin program. The following are covered:

Classic Prenatal Tabs 00536-4063-01   Prenatal 19 Tab 29-1mg 42937-0706-18
Prenatal Vitamins Tabs 00536-4085-01   Prenatal 19 Chew 42937-0707-10
Stuart One Cap 00642-4030-30   Prenatal 19 Chew 42937-0707-16
Prenatal Tabs 00904-5313-46   Prenatal 19 Chew 29-1mg 42937-0707-18
Prenatal Tabs 00904-5313-60   Prenatal Tabs 43292-0555-15
Prenatal Frm Tab A-Free 10432-0283-01   PNV Prenatal Plus Multivitamin Tabs 44946-1045-01
Prenatal Tab Plus Iron 10544-0609-31   CVS Prenatal Gummy Chew 50428-0454-47
RA Prenatal Tabs 11822-3089-10   CVS Prenatal Tabs 50428-2525-77
RA One Daily Misc 11822-4898-00   CVS Womens Prenatal + DHA Misc 50428-4604-61
Prenatal Tabs 11917-0074-04   CVS Prenatal Gummy Chew 50428-8899-24
Prenatal Tabs 11917-0075-75   Prenatal Tabs 51645-0837-01
Prenatal + DHA Misc 11917-0093-11   Prenatal Tabs 51645-0840-01
Prenatal Tabs 11917-0171-02   Vinate M Tabs 51991-0155-01
Vol-Nate Tabs 13811-0514-10   Vinate II Tabs 51991-0178-01
Vol-Plus Tabs 13811-0519-10   Vinate AZ Extra 51991-0514-90
Vol-Plus Tabs 13811-0519-50   Vinate One Tabs 51991-0566-01
Se-Natal 19 Tab 13925-0116-01   Prenatal Tab Plus 54569-4552-00
One-A-Day Womens Prenatal Misc 16500-0534-24   Prenatal Tab Plus 54569-4552-01
Prenatal Multi + DHA Caps 31604-0027-66   Prenatal/Iron Tabs 54629-0052-01
Prenatal Low Iron Tabs 33261-0733-90   Prenatal Formula A-Free Tabs 58487-0028-31
Prenatal Tabs 37205-0395-78   Prenatabs FA Tabs 60258-0190-01
Prenatal Tabs 37205-0395-82   Trinate Tabs 60258-0192-01
Prenatal Tabs 37864-0837-01   Prenatabs Rx Tabs 60258-0193-09
Prenatal Tabs 37864-0837-30   Prenatal 19 Tabs 60258-0196-01
Prenatal Multivitamin + DHA Misc 40985-0271-75   Prenatal 19 Chew 60258-0197-01
Prenatal Plus Tabs 42291-0686-01   iNatal Advance Tabs 63044-0153-01
Prenatal Plus Iron Tabs 42937-0705-10   Prenatal Iron Tabs 79854-0400-70
Prenatal Plus Iron Tabs 42937-0705-16   Prenatal Tabs 96295-0110-01
Prenatal 19 Tabs 42937-0706-10   Prenatal Tabs 96295-0114-66
Prenatal 19 Tabs 42937-0706-16  

A choice of either:

  • A temporal thermometer, or
  • Caring For Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 , a book from the American Academy of Pediatrics 

Reimbursement for lactation consultation services through a certified lactation consultant (see zipmilk.org for a list). Download reimbursement form

Reimbursement for childbirth classes or siblings classes
Members are eligible for reimbursement per contract for childbirth classes. Download a printable reimbursement form

* The baby’s mother must be on the policy to obtain the free prenatal vitamins and the electric breast pump. To receive the convertible toddler seat, your baby must be on the policy.
** All package sizes covered.

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